Energy savings for your fleet


All our products are designed to save weight, lower aerodynamic drag and turbulence. Our lightweight composite doors can shave 160 lbs off per trailer, while our MFS Trailer Side Skirt saves 7.4% fuel at highway speeds and our BoatTail offers fuel savings of 2.9%.

Maximum Flex Skirt [MFS]

Substantial savings!

The MFS skirt offers truck operators a proven 7.4% in fuel savings along with a superior impact performance.

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Ultra Light & Tough Door [ULT]

100% guaranteed - Corrosion Free

The ULT door allows trailer operators to reduce their operation expenses by eliminating door replacement for the entire lifetime of their trailer.

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MST Scuff Band

Maximum Space and Tough

The MST Scuff Band is the most impact resistance and rigid Scuff Band on the market.

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TrailerTail® - ATDynamics

We design our products to be aerodynamic

As a designer of innovative aerodynamic products, Transtex Composite specializes in improving the aerodynamic properties of vehicles and transport equipment.

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